Stand Strong. You Are Powerful: Chelsea Kuzmak

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“I was introduced to a yoga teacher training and personal development program before I even started practicing consistently. I talked to one of the teachers at Yoga Body Shop, Jenn and had said, ‘I don’t know about this, it’s a huge commitment’ and she said, ‘Well, your life is a huge commitment, right?’

Man, it’s been a real rollercoaster ride this past year leading up, and now after the program. Prior to, I went to rehab for 28 days, and when I got out it was like learning to live a totally different life. I hadn’t dealt with any reality before, and it was like learning how to walk again. It’s as if I’m almost emotionally handicapped. I’m experiencing all these feelings, and now, actually letting myself feel and express my emotions. It’s really awkward!

Recently in Teacher Training, I felt myself almost break down, which was the first time I almost did. I haven’t been able to cry yet in front of everybody and it’s really been bothering me. I felt myself almost get there, so I think I’m getting somewhere. It’s just so different and new. I’ve really made a total change in my life these past couple months though…but I don’t know what it is yet that I need to talk about. I just need to be patient and let it come to me I guess.

For ten years of my young adult life I numbed myself every time I felt uncomfortable. Yoga has taught me how to stand in my power and STAY when I want to run. I’ve learned it’s okay to feel uncomfortable. I now have the tools to ground myself and get through anything; I’ve learned how to really be present to deal with life in a different way, and to be strong when I need to instead of crumbling and running”

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