Just Breathe: Heather Furman

Heather 2 (1 of 1)“I started yoga when my twin boys were 6 months old. Everything was so chaotic. I remember I kept thinking that if I worked out I’d feel better. I knew I had to find something that gave me strength, but peace at the same time. I searched and found a Gwen Lawrence yoga video and started doing that. I could feel the strength from the practices and really got a lot from it. I practiced at home for a long time. A friend of mine suggested I go to Yoga Body Shop, but I was always intimidated by being in the studio.

Finally, I went with her to a beginner’s class. It was with Ron, and I just fell in love with it. It was the heat of it that got me. During class, even if I tried, I couldn’t think about anything other than what I was doing in THAT moment. Do you know what I mean? So, I wasn’t thinking about when the kids were going to get up, or the laundry I had to do, or anything else going on in life. It was just that, THERE. It allowed to me to have a breather from thinking about the day’s schedule- and I’ve been hooked ever since.

Heather (1 of 1)I think sometimes people are in such a rush to make kids be a certain way, or behave a certain way, and put them on a certain path. I realized that things can be however you want them to be, and you can feel what you want to feel and that’s okay.

My one son has panic attacks because he watched his brother get hurt. Every once in awhile he will have one and say to me, ‘I can’t breath, I can’t breath…’ I’d tell him that, ‘yes you can because you can talk to me. Let’s just breathe together.’ I’d let him know that everything was okay, and it’s okay to be scared, and together, we can ease out of this and let it move on.

This worked for him, and has really helped him get past these attacks. I know I wouldn’t have done that, and been able to help him in that way before I started yoga. I would have been right with him screaming ‘oh my gosh he can’t breathe!’ I don’t think I would be the mother that I am today without yoga. I wouldn’t have the patience or the stillness like that to be calm in those moments, and really help my kids.”

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