Be Patient With Others; be Patient With Yourself: Kyle Rogers

kyle-rogers-1-of-6-e1510624113961.jpg“The first week, you die in hot yoga…like, you actually die in those classes. You’re in the middle of the class and thinking, ‘why did I come back here?’ But then all of a sudden you realize that the pose isn’t that bad, and then you’re able to try another, and another. One day I got up to crow, which was cool, and then I was almost able to do side crow this past time. So, if you keep on doing it and keep on trying then you’ll get results. You end up feeling better about the baby steps. It’s something that has to be developed over time.

In the super uncomfortable poses, and when you just want to get out and run, we’re taught to stay and see what happens; to feel, and discover more than just the physical. When we stay we overcome mental blocks that we usually would run away from. Overcoming that pain in the short term helps to unblock things that we may have shoved away for a long time.

Kyle Rogers (3 of 6)If I was going to be 100 percent honest, yoga means A LOT to me. I put a lot of importance on actively doing things to better myself and that’s one of the main reasons why yoga is so significant in my life. I’m very career-orientated and a lot of what I find important in life comes from proving my success in my career.

When I graduated college I wanted everything NOW in that moment, and that only led to self- destruction. I realized I just couldn’t live that way. Yoga has really shown me that patience and practice is the only way, and then you get results. Ever since I’ve gotten into my practice, I’ve been able to bring that to my career and the rest of my life.

My biggest problem is that I’m extremely critical of myself, and I don’t know how to give myself a break sometimes. It’s always a work in progress. I’ve gotten better at noticing the awful self-talk and to wondering  WHY I do it to myself.

So Seinfeld- have you ever watched any Seinfeld?” I responded, ‘yes, of course!’ Kyle continues, ‘okay, so George Costanza. I am George Castanza where I’m on top of the world for two seconds, and then I’m full of doubt the next. It plays a role in my career, and then even social cues that I feel like crap when I mess up. It could be something wrong, or stupid that I mess up, and then I criticize myself for the rest of the day. Man, I wonder why do I do this to myself. No one cares besides me. The sky is not falling, but it’s hard to believe that in the moment.

Kyle Rogers (2 of 6)The biggest thing that yoga has given me is patience. I’m more patient with people, and patient with myself. All around, I’ve calmed down a little bit, and made my life a little bit happier once I realized that not everything is going to happen overnight. It’s okay that things are sometimes just the way they are. Being open to that has been huge for me.

I would like to thank the community and all our teachers at Yoga Body Shop for all they’ve provided for me. They’re so open, nice, and friendly, and that it made everything a lot easier practicing there.”

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