Boston Children’s Hospital- Yoga Reaches Out: Mark ElBach

“My name is Mark ElBach, and I work on the Corporate Development and Special Events team at Boston Children’s Hospital.  I’ve spent my career working on Brookline Avenue, and I feel lucky that I’ve had the opportunity to work for three world class organizations in Dana-Farber Cancer Institute, the Boston Red Sox, and Boston Children’s Hospital.  Across all these organizations, it’s the people and teams behind the scenes that make them so special. I love being a part of that, and take pride in my work because every day I wake up I know I can make a positive impact on the lives of many patients and families.  

Boston Children’s Hospital Yoga Reaches Out is one of the programs I work on, and I can’t tell you how much energy and excitement there is behind it.  Studios and business across New England continue to sign up each day, and we anticipate over 1,000 yogis at Gillette Stadium’s Empower Field House on April 28.  We have a talented lineup of yoga instructors, and all funds raised support the Every Child Fund and the Wellness Program at Boston Children’s Hospital.  Our goal is to keep growing Yoga Reaches Out into a $1 million+ event annually, and heading into its 9th year it continues to trend that way.  

This video shares more

To be honest, I didn’t know much about yoga prior to working on Yoga Reaches Out.  It’s been great learning more about it and I’ve looked at it as a new challenge.  Many studios host benefit classes and we visit them throughout the year.  This has helped me realize how many different types of yoga there are, and the range of people I’ve met in studios has also been fascinating.  Everyone can benefit from yoga- five-year-olds to ninety-five year olds- and it can be done anywhere. It truly has no boundaries.

Mark holding the Boston Children’s Hospital sign.

The common threads of yoga and Boston Children’s Hospital have transformed our Yoga Reaches Out participants into a strong community, and I view my role as a ‘connector’ of people.  I love working with the studios, sponsors, participants and volunteers to help bring everyone together and create a memorable experience.   More importantly, we’re raising funds that serve as the fuel for some of the best doctors in the world to provide exceptional care and research.  We ‘re proud to be ranked the #1 pediatric hospital in the nation and that would not be possible without the support we receive from our donors. It also didn’t happen overnight.  It’s been years of support before today that has enabled us to get to where we are.  The gifts from events like Yoga Reaches Out allow us to provide the cures for tomorrow.

Every child and family who comes through the doors at Boston Children’s Hospital is faced with a different situation.  We want them to know they have an entire support system behind them. I love my job because I also have the chance to talk to families and it serves as a source of motivation.  I might hear something like “We’re here all the way from California because the disease is so rare this is the only place in the country that can help” or “Boston Children’s Hospital saved my life” or “We lost our son, but Boston Children’s Hospital provided the best care possible.”  These moments stay with me and inspire me. I want to take every difficult situation a family may face, and help spin it into a positive.  Yoga Reaches Out compliments this well because it incorporates service and paying it forward.  It’s a perfect tie-in to everything we do at Boston Children’s Hospital and I am so thankful I can play a small part in it.” – Mark ElBach

The Every Child Fund at Boston Children’s Hospital provides:

  • Over 14,000 nights of free or subsidized housing
  • 300 global health projects to care for kids everywhere
  • 1,483 scientists researching new cures
  • 415 Thanksgiving dinners
  • And much more!

Every year Yoga Reaches Out harnesses the incredible power of the yoga community to enhance the lives of patients and families.  Join more than 1,000 yogis in raising funds for Boston Children’s Hospital. Together, we’ll gather at Gillette Stadium Empower Field House on Sunday, April 28 for a day filled with inspiring presenters, friends and the power of seva.  To learn more visit or email

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