The Big Picture. Finding Your Confidence and Creativity: Angie Dornier

Angie with her camera in BIG Power Yoga Denver. reflecting on her yoga story.

“I’m a big believer in creativity, and that’s why I love teaching photography and now, beginning to teach yoga. It provides me the opportunity to instill that creative spark in someone else; to provide a new way of looking at things. It gives me the opportunity to provide others something that they can have as their very own and that’s unique to them. I’ve always felt that way about my Yoga practice: it’s not set in one place. It has kind of evolved over the years.

Angie in front of a mural in the River North Art District Denver, Colorado.

When you stand in front of the room, you’re the teacher. If you’re hesitant; if you’re not confident in your message, then people aren’t going to be able to fully see what you have to bring to the table. “You just have to own it” I thought to reminded myself.

At my very first photography class I taught, the first three people to show up were professionals, with skills clearly above the ‘Intermediate Level’ that the class was listed as. I sat in the front of them thinking, Oh my god, oh my god, oh my god. I was nervous, but I recalled back to all I had learned in my Yoga Teacher Training, I focused on my breath and I stayed calm.

I truly witnessed the room, watched how things were happening and then realized that I have value to provide; I have something to offer, otherwise these people wouldn’t have come.  They want something unique and important that I was going to offer them.

Angie with her camera in BIG Power Yoga Denver. reflecting on her yoga story.

Because of the tools I gained in Yoga Teacher Training, I was able to stand in front the class and come from my place of confidence and ease.

I get a lot of joy out of teaching photography and I’ve noticed that everyone has a gift, everyone has talents and abilities. Being successful in anything, really, is just a matter of practice, taking the time, and finding your inner confidence in whatever it is you like to do and fully embodying the way you do it.

Angie in Extended Triangle pose (Utthita Trikonasana) in the River North Art District Denver, Colorado.

Where I started with my yoga practice 20 years ago is so different than where I ended up now. I was a competitive gymnast growing up, so the aspects of stretching and flexibility were really appealing to me. Once I started, the thing that kept me coming back was how good I felt afterwards; how it quieted down all of the clutter that was happening in my brain and how I felt really good in my body. Over time, I got into a weekly habit of going to yoga without ever really meaning to.

About that time when I was in a regular habit, BIG Power Yoga opened up walking distance from my house. Two weeks later, they started their first 40 Days to Personal Revolution Program and then, there I was.

Angie in BIG Power Yoga Denver reflecting on her yoga story.

When I decided to do 40 Days, it was probably the worst timing ever. I was up to my eyebrows in portrait work and editing and teaching at the same time. It was the worst time I could have done it and I still, I said: I’m doing this for myself.

I originally thought that my reason for starting yoga was selfish. I thought that it was me trying to escape and have this private time for myself. I realized that it really wasn’t selfish. It wasn’t an escape. It was nurturing and healing at its best so that I could come home and be nurturing and healing with my family.” – Angie Dornier

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2 responses to “The Big Picture. Finding Your Confidence and Creativity: Angie Dornier”

  1. Great story, I am a fledgling teacher building a small community that I am working hard on keeping authentic and accessible. Thank you for yur great thoughts about starting a yoga practice!


    1. Hi Gillian, thanks so much for reading and sharing yourself! Good luck with all that’s to come with your community (sounds like what you’re building is/going to be incredible!) and please let us know if we can help in any way!

      – Jen from The Self Stories


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