Our mission is to provide yoga practitioners of the physical asana, meditation, & self inquiry the opportunity to reflect upon, and share their journeys— with the underlying purpose to catapult others to believe that they too, can live fuller, more freeing and empowered lives.

Let’s all, #ShareToEmpowerALL .

“The initial idea of The Self Stories began brewing a few weeks into starting my practice in early 2016. It found me when I was in need of a path, so I took it. I showed up, rolled out my cheap-o mat, and found something much greater than I couldn’t have ever dreamt up.

My fellow students began sharing their journeys of how yoga had changed their lives for the better. I soon began to also, unravel my own story to others as it came— finding out more and more about myself with each class; each conversation with my own self. I learned that we are all the same. We all struggle, find joy in the simplicity of love and connection, and ALL have a purpose and insane amounts of value to offer up and receive back.

My core told me these stories needed to be shared, and yoga told me we could all do it, together.”

– Jen

Follow my journey here: @braveyogi

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